RWA Token and Onchain Composability

Cytus not only provides crypto users with seamless access to RWA investing but also brings RWA into blockchain with DAPP composability.
There are two main problems we solve before Ctyus is able to create RWA tokens with DAPP composability.
  • How to link the onchain RWA tokens with the legal right to the underlying assets. Cytus team issues RWA tokens under SEC regulation. All RWA tokens are guaranteed to represent holder's rights to the underlying assets by law.
  • How to create an oracle for RWA tokens. Cytus collaborates with Chainlink to provide oracle prices for our RWA tokens which are backed by public assets. Chainlink will be able to constantly update our offchain portfolio composition and value to the blockchain. This information will be further digested and used to create oracle price for RWA tokens. With oracle price, our RWA tokens can be used a collateral in other DAPPs. Cytus already has partnership with major lending protocols and blockchains which will be revealed soon.